Gender gap shows up on paychecks for nurses

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – The gender pay gap has been a long running issue in the U.S. And for one profession where women greatly outnumber men, the fight for equal pay is stronger than ever.

Only about seven percent of nurses in America are men, but a study shows they’re still making thousands of dollars more each year

According to the Journal of the American Medicine Association, a survey showed that male nurses make five to 10 thousand dollars more each year.

Betsy Snook, of the Pennsylvania State Nursing Association, says there should be equality in the workplace, especially in the field of nursing.

Snook said that sometimes women can create their own downfall. Women often times leave the workforce after having children and other obligations can lead to some working part-time. She also says men are a bit more aggressive then it comes to salary negotiations.

With the U.S. Healthcare system likely to undergo changes with the new administration, nurses may be impacted the most because they make up the majority of service providers.

“I recommend nurses do a better job at negotiating their salaries,” Snook said.

More studies are needed to find the true wage gap across the U.S., but in Ohio women earn about 75 percent of what med do, and that includes most careers, not just nursing.