Nugget of Knowledge: Three Questions Answered

The 700 Club got its name based off the number of members who used to donate monthly

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) –  Today’s Nugget of Knowledge..three questions and answers.

Why is the disease called chicken pox?

The highly infectious disease, known as varicella, has nothing to do with chickens.

The name was meant to mark a weaker form of the disease known as smallpox. Smallpox was powerful while chickenpox was “chicken” – weaker and kind of timid.

Who is Michael and why should he row his boat ashore?

This song became popular before the Civil War.

It’s an old spiritual song and a kind of work song from the days of slavery, and came from the Georgia sea islands.

Michael is the Archangel Michael, called on to help when the rowing got tough.

The song is full of religious images. Jordan River chills the body but not the soul, milk and honey.

Speaking of religion, how did the 700 Club get its name?

Pat Robertson founded the Christian Broadcasting Network in January of 1960 and went on the air in October of 1961 with no commercial advertising.

Robertson held a telethon to raise cash and said a club of 700 contributors, each giving $10 a month, would meet his expenses.

He got his money and a lot more, and started a program called the 700 Club, where you pray and reach for the phone to pledge.


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