Councilwoman: Rowdy Youngstown bar threatens neighbors’ safety

Seventh Ward Councilwoman Basia Adamczak said El Patron bar on the south side has to go

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Youngstown City Council agreed with one of its members about a bar causing trouble on the south side, and does not want its liquor license renewed.

Seventh Ward Councilwoman Basia Adamczak said El Patron bar poses a danger for those living nearby, and she wants to use liquor permits to fight back.

About two years ago, a new company took over the bar on E. Indianola Avenue. Since then, it’s been downhill for the neighbors.

“Violent crime, just different activities that are just having a bad effect on the neighborhood,” Adamczak said.

People who live in the neighborhood said the bar is a nuisance, especially on weekends.

Police records back up their complaints. In the last year, police investigated drug activity, noise complaints and rowdy crowds at the bar. There was even a stabbing in June.

“There’s other bars that are in close proximity to neighborhoods. If there’s not an abundance of complaints and they adhere to laws and local ordinances, I welcome any business to come into the ward, into the city, and do well,” Adamczak said.

She said El Patron bar needs to go.

“We’ve just been trying to grow and sustain as a ward, and this has been a big hindrance on that.”

On Wednesday night, she asked her fellow council members to join her in opposing the bar’s liquor license renewal to the state. They agreed that El Patron is bad for the city.

Carmen Neapolitan currently holds the license, according to state records. The businessman sold the bar and its license two years ago, which has been in legal limbo ever since.

“The management agreement spells out that she’s responsible for sales tax, any violations, anything to do with that business, payroll,” Neapolitan said. “That was drawn up so she could operate until the license got transferred into her name.”

The bar has had several violations in the past few years as well, including citations for unsanitary conditions and not keeping alcohol in drinking condition.

Adamczak said the city is also keeping an eye on the building for code violations.

Neapolitan said he’s had enough.

“I want to see the girl get everything straightened out and taken care of, but I want it out of my name. I don’t want nothing to do with this.”

Youngstown City Council’s next step is to bring its opposition of the bar’s liquor license to the Ohio Department of Commerce. There will be a hearing on the issue with the department’s Division of Liquor Control Commission.

33 WYTV News contacted the Laviena family, the bar’s new owners, but has not heard back from them yet.