Mayor McNally says it’s time for Gallagher building to change hands

If the city holds off any longer, the project could lose $1.4 million in state funding

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – It’s been six months since property developer Dominic Gatta was cited for code violations at his Gallagher building in Youngstown.

The large building has been mostly abandoned, leading to dozens of code violations and fines from the city, which Gatta has mainly ignored.

Gatta had purchased the building four years ago and evicted the building’s only tenant, Cedars Café and Lounge.

He planned to develop the building into a brew-pub on its ground floors, with offices and apartments above.

The state awarded $1.4 million in historical preservation tax credits for the project. However, work was halted and the project never took off.

Youngstown Mayor John McNally said he’s done waiting for Gatta to repair the building, because walls are still crumbling and even more windows are broken.

If the city holds off any longer, the project could lose that $1.4 million in state funding.

So, McNally said it may be time for the city to take over.

“We’ve done some review of a building up near St. Elizabeth’s hospital, the planning commission has given that building a spot-blight designation,” McNally said.

That means the city takes the building by eminent domain. It has already been done at the Bel-Park building on Belmont.

The buildings can then be sold to new developers. McNally said if this could be done to the Gallagher building, it could easily breathe new life into it.

“I know there are some folks in the area who would like to step in to Mr. Gatta’s place and develop the property,” he said.