Don’t let your trash be a thief’s lead to your treasure

Boxes on the curb can be billboard ads for the new goods inside your house

Boxes on the curb are also a billboard ads for the new goods inside your house.

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – While you and your loved ones are enjoying your holiday gifts, there could be some thieves looking to enjoy them too.

It’s easy to take big boxes from a new flat-screen TV or computer and put them on the curb and wait for the garbage man to get them.

But those boxes are also a billboard ad for the new goods inside your house.

It’s suggested you break down all empty boxes and put them in recycling bins so they’re covered up.

Also avoid leaving labels on boxes that identify gifts or serial numbers that could reveal information about you.

Security experts say posting pictures of your gifts on social media or even posting that you’re heading out of town for a week is something thieves look for too.

Another reminder, if you’re out making returns at the mall or other stores, remember to cover up any valuables in your car or take them out.