Nugget of Knowledge: Kit Kat for Luck?

Wasabi, green tea and apple just a few of the Kit Kat flavors in Japan

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – In the United States there are only a half-dozen types of Kit Kats, if that.

But the Japanese love their Kit Kats and have some 300 options. The Nestle company, which makes the candy, is happy to provide – it’s Japan’s favorite candy.

It comes in green tea, apple, sweet purple potato, wasabi and even sake.

And most likely it’s all due to language.

When Nestle brought Kit Kats to Japan in the 1970s, the company did not change the name. In fact, it kept Kit Kat in English letters.

That was a stroke of luck.

Kit Kat sounds like “Kitto Kattsu,” which is Japanese for, “I hope you will win,” the Japanese way of saying good luck.

So, the Japanese began giving these chocolate bars to each other to wish each other well.

Nestle saw a good thing and began marketing it in plenty of flavors.