Mall fights across US have security, shoppers extra aware

One mall in Pittsburgh recently added a curfew; shoppers at the Eastwood Mall Tuesday said they wouldn't mind that

NILES, Ohio (WYTV) – The fireworks, fights and panic seen in malls across the U.S. Monday are among every mall security’s worst nightmares.

“Whenever certain individuals either become agitated or start becoming abusive to other shoppers, that’s the time security is trained to step in,” said Joe Bell, an Eastwood Mall spokesperson.

Malls already have extra security because of the holiday shopping season.

“We put our security people on alert telling them to be extra vigilant,” Bell said. “We ramped up some of the logistics we do in terms of security.”

But now, a lot are adding even more security methods, with one mall in Pittsburgh even adding a curfew.

Some local shoppers at the Eastwood Mall Tuesday evening said they wouldn’t mind that.

“It seems that a lot of them are still a little too immature to be wandering around by themselves,” Levi Brant said.

Even with security beefed up during these busy seasons, a lot of it depends on shoppers keeping their eyes peeled and using the ‘see something, say something’ method.

“There’s always a possibility of something going south and we understand that,” Richard Troisi said. “We maintain a constant state of vigilance.”

There’s several security methods malls are using, although most won’t publicize their full plans.

They do include foot patrol and security cameras. A lot now are even watching social media to get information and send alerts out.

Shoppers who saw the news Monday said they are not worried.

“There’s not a lot of traffic and it just seems safe with all of the security that’s around,” Brant said.