Nugget of Knowledge: Exporting American Culture

The Slovenians call cole slaw ameriška solata, or "American salad," as do other countries in Eastern Europe

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) –  American culture is a hit all over the globe. Here are some examples…

In Spain, the versatile, do-anything tool we call duct tape is known as cinta americana, or “American tape.”

In French, a set of brass knuckles is “the American fist.”

Brazilian Portuguese has the term “American lettuce,” to refer to iceberg lettuce, the lettuce places like McDonald’s uses.

In Russia, roller coasters are known as amerikanskie gorki, or “American mountains.” But in most of the Romance languages, like Spanish and Italian, they are known as “Russian mountains.”

The Slovenians call cole slaw ameriška solata, or “American salad,” as do other countries in Eastern Europe.

In Belgium, stores that carry camping and hunting equipment, tools, boots, military surplus and sporting goods often call it “American stock.”

Free-style wrestling in Poland is called “free American,” meaning “all bets are off” or “anything goes.”

In the Netherlands, a casual potluck where everyone brings a dish is called an “American party.”

A Japanese hot dog is a hottodoggu, but a corn dog is an amerikandoggu, or “American dog.”

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