Peter Allen Inn in Kinsman mixes the modern with historic

The Peter Allen Inn and Event Center was constructed around a house built by Dr. Peter Allen in 1821

KINSMAN, Ohio (WYTV) – The Peter Allen Inn and Event Center sits just off Route 87 in Kinsman — its serene setting punctuated by the house’s bold federal architecture.

The molding around the roof line and windows is all original.

“What we wanted to do was to save the house,” said Dick Thompson, owner of the Peter Allen Inn and Event Center. “We thought it was so important architecturally.”

Thompson owns what is now the Inn and Event Center — constructed around the house built by Dr. Peter Allen in 1821.

It hasn’t really changed since then.

Over those 195 years, the house had only three owners — Thompson is the fourth.

“It needed some attention,” he said. “It had been abandoned for six or seven years.”

It took three years of renovating to come up with the Inn and Event Center of today.

Thompson gave WYTV a tour.

kinsmanThe original bake oven is still in place in the kitchen.

“Now, what you can’t see is that this was all charred black,” Thompson said. “And I didn’t get here before the painters did or I’d have left it black.”

The windows in the hallway have the float glass from the original house. The wood floors are original, too.

The molding in the main room was removed at one point but then brought back. In fact, there’s molding throughout the house with one of the features being that it’s different in every room.

The bedrooms are part of the bed and breakfast Inn. On the desk in one of the rooms is a picture of Peter Allen himself.

“Now this is actually Heritage Hall and this is where our major events take place,” he said.

The Event Center is all new — built by Thompson as part of the expansion. It can hold parties for 70.

Add the rest of the house and the outside space, and the property can fit 250.

Also new is the bar, although it was constructed with materials from an old Trumbull County barn.

“The stools actually came from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, Library,” Thompson said.

Mixing historic with the modern — with an emphasis on historic — is what Kinsman’s new Peter Allen Inn and Event Center is all about.

For more about it, check out its official website and Facebook.