Nugget of Knowledge: Secrets of a Flight Attendant

Until the plane moves, flight attendants don't get paid

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Have you ever wondered why the cabin crew hides their hands when you enter a plane?

Flight attendants usually welcome travelers at the entrance of an aircraft with their hands behind their back, hidden from the view of passengers.

This question has a very simple, yet unknown, answer.

What the flight attendant has hidden in his or her hands is nothing but a manual clicker counter. They’re counting the number of passengers entering the aircraft to see if it matches the number of passengers that appear on the documentation.

Once all the passengers have made their way onto the plane and taken their seats, the flight attendants will usually do a second check to make sure the same number of passengers who checked in at the gate by showing their ticket have made their way onto the plane.

Flight attendants don’t start getting paid until the plane rolls away.

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