Youngstown water crews taking care of water main break

The water main break is on the south side of Youngstown, just west of Lake Newport

Youngstown, Ohio (WYTV) – People who live along Cascade Drive started out the new year with an unwelcome surprise – a water main break.

Every few hundred yards, there are repair patches along the road, with one more to come.

The people who live on the west side of the road said they’re used to not having any water.

Joe Dubos noticed something was wrong around 11 a.m. Monday morning.

“I went to flush the commode and there was no water pressure. I look outside and there it is, a big mess,” Dubos said.

Other neighbors said water was bubbling up out of the street and pooling into several yards on Arden Boulevard.

It’s the second water main break on the block in just over a month and one of several this past year.

Dubos said he’d like some answers on lasting repairs from the city.

“We don’t really talk to them much, but every time we turn around they are here replacing the lines,” he said. “They’re going to replace the line and then they’ll disturb it and soon it will break someplace else.”

Chris Kalis said he and his neighbors have gotten used to losing water service without warning.

“If they want to fix it right they’re going to have to dig up the entire road and replace the line. These lines have been here for so long they are just in total disrepair. It’s one thing after another,” Kalis said.

Dubos said he knows his street isn’t the only one with water problems.

“The infrastructure is crumbling all over the city. If it’s not a water line it’s gas lines. It’s everything really. It’s a shame that it’s come to that, that we don’t have enough finances to fix things in the city properly but that’s the way it is,” Dubos said.

City water crews started arriving around 2 p.m. on Monday to dig up the road to get to the broken pipe.

An official boil alert has not been issued, but if there is one, officials will post notices door-to-door to alert the small amount of people who are affected.