Searchers find debris consistent with missing Cleveland plane

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WYTV) – More than 120 pieces of debris, including a bag, have washed ashore of Lake Erie, and the items are believed to be part of a Cleveland plane crash.

The plane was carrying Boardman High School John Fleming and his family, along with two neighbors, including a University of Wisconsin-Madison student. Fleming is the CEO of Superior Beverage Group.

So far, searchers have not found the passengers but are treating the search as a recovery mission. Cleveland officials searching for a plane carrying six people that disappeared over Lake Erie say more than 120 pieces of debris have been recovered, and many are consistent with the type of aircraft that vanished.

A statement from officials said they’re not sharing details about the debris or its location because it’s part of an active investigation. Only a bag that washed ashore near a private harbor near Cleveland has been confirmed as coming from the plane.

The Columbus-bound Cessna 525 Citation disappeared Thursday night shortly after takeoff from Burke Lakefront Airport. Airport officials said the passengers were coming from a Cleveland Cavaliers’ game.

What happened to the plane is still under investigation.

Searchers have been looking for the plane for five days. Crews have searched by air and water and along shore.