Nugget of Knowledge: Hardest bowling shots

"Bedposts" is not the hardest shot

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – A writer for “Slate,” Ben Blatt, went to the Professional Bowlers Association website and found frame-by-frame tournament results — 447,000 frames for games going back to 2003.

According to those results, bowlers hit strikes just under 60 percent.

The rest — 180,000 frames– were spares in which the bowler failed to knock down all 10 pins first. Your second ball should knock down all those still standing.

You may think that the 7-10 split is the hardest to make. The typical professional bowler makes a 7-10 split at about the same rate an NFL kicker misses the extra point after a touchdown. In other words, not often.

It’s really the third hardest.

The second hardest is the 4-6-7 split, made 6-tenths of one percent of the time.

The 4-6-7-9-10 conversion is the hardest shot, made only a third of one percent of the time.

The easiest shot is when you have a spare to convert: the 1-3-9. A good bowler makes this 89 percent of the time.

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