Columbiana police chief hopes residents will help make finding them eaiser

COLUMBIANA, Ohio (WYTV) – Seconds matter in an emergency situation, and that is why the Columbiana Police Department took to Facebook recently with a message to residents about how difficult it is for first responders to find homes.

The message said that many houses and businesses in town have no house or building numbers posted. Others that have posted numbers are hard to read or not easily seen, especially on dark, rainy nights.

Police Chief Tim Gladis said it’s critical for rapid response and officer safety to easily see house numbers.

“If I am going to an emergency call to your house and seconds are critical, someone’s on the floor having a heart attack or there is an intruder in the home, it will be much quicker for me to look at a number and know that I’m at the right house, opposed to doing the math with the numbers I can see,” Gladis said.

Gladis is asking all residents to use reflective stickers on their mailboxes so the address is easily seen. The stickers can be purchased at many retailers, including hardware stores. A package costs about $8.

“I think if we really ask for the public’s help and claim to them why we doing this and why it’s important, I think we will get a lot of cooperation.”