Starving, chained dog seized from Ohio home

(Ohio SPCA)

SCIOTO COUNTY, OH (WCMH) – The Ohio SPCA says it removed a severely emaciated dog from a southern Ohio home Wednesday.

According to the Ohio SPCA, the dog, Ruby, was left chained outside of a home in Scioto County without access to food for a long period of time.

The Ohio SPCA said Ruby was taken to a Columbus area veterinary hospital and needs 24-hour IV fluids. She was vomiting and had a high white blood cell count, indicating infection. She was unable to nurse three puppies that she recently gave birth to.

One of the week-old puppies was also found and recovered. It is being bottle fed at a veterinary clinic in Scioto County. Two other puppies did not survive.

The Ohio SPCA said an animal cruelty complaint was filed with the Scioto County Sheriff’s Office. It is not yet clear what charges will be filed.