Ed O’Neill to Youngstown State: ‘Enjoy the experience’

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – You don’t have to be in the Youngstown area to cheer on the Penguins this Saturday as they fight for their fifth national title. In fact, Youngstown native and “Modern Family” star Ed O’Neill will be doing it from Hawaii.

O’Neill played defensive end for YSU when Dike Beede was the coach.

He said while he hopes the Penguins win another championship ring this weekend against James Madison, just getting to this point is a major accomplishment.

“All the coaches, the players, they should…enjoy the experience because you don’t play for a national title every day,” he said. “I hope that everybody connected to the game, you know, from Jim Tressel the president, the students, the fans, the players, the coaches, enjoy every second of the experience.”

Because of scheduling and other commitments, O’Neill said he hasn’t been back to the area for any games this year. However, he still stays in contact with friends in town who are fans.

YSU making it to the FCS National Championship is another thing from his hometown he can brag about.