Revealing documents could help Delphi retirees recover pensions

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – The man that is the face of getting lost pension benefits for former management workers at Delphi said government documents released this week could secure those benefits by year’s end.

Bruce Gump, of Howland, has been at the forefront of the fight by Delphi management retirees to have the pensions restored. There have been protests and hearings in Washington.

It’s a fight that’s going on eight years.

A federal judge decided the Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation must turn over some of its correspondence with the U.S. Treasury Department concerning the corporation’s 2009 takeover of the Delphi management pension fund.

“The attorneys said specifically there’s some silver bullets in here, maybe a couple of gold and maybe some more. So they’re very, very pleased and apparently these documents strengthen our case to a very large degree,” Gump said.

Details of the documents are under a protective order.

“Only specific people, and that would include our attorneys, and the judge and, of course, the Department of Justice attorneys, one or two others, are allowed to see the documents. Nobody else is allowed to see them, nor are those people allowed to discuss the content of those documents,” Gump said.

Should the Delphi retirees win, Gump calculates he’s owed $100,000 in back pay, then $1,000 a month for life.

“Of course, we want our pensions back but the thing is, when the federal government stepped into a private industry, forced it into bankruptcy, and then kind of perverted the laws of bankruptcy in order to assure certain groups were well cared for and other groups were kicked out the door, that changes everything,” he said.

Gump said the Delphi retirees will ask the federal judge to release 100 more documents.

They also want to question a couple members of the President’s Auto Task Force. Then they’ll ask the judge to make a ruling.

Gump hopes it can all be done by the end of the year.