Nugget of Knowledge: Tomatoes and tea

There is a difference between Black Tea and Green Tea, although they're made from the same plant

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Why do some cookies become soft when they’re stale?

Shouldn’t they grow brittle, as bread does?

Yes, they should. The starch should crystallize, but many cookies have lots of sugar. The sugar tends to absorb water from the atmosphere, and that makes the cookie soft.

Do you keep your tomatoes in the refrigerator?

A recent study in the National Academy of Sciences says if you put your tomatoes directly into cold storage, you’re going to change their taste. The cold actually changes the tomato right down to its tasty molecules.

Buy your tomatoes fresh, and then store them at room temperature.

Green and Black teas are made from the same plant. The difference is in their age — black tea is older than green tea.

Herbal tea really isn’t tea. Technically, herbal tea is made of different herbs, spices and other plants, such as chamomile and mint. After water, it’s the most popular beverage in the world.

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