Niles resident with brown water said city’s efforts made a difference

NILES, Ohio (WYTV) – Last month, a Niles homeowner complained to city officials about brown water flowing out of his tap. Now he said the city has made an effort to fix the problem.

Joe Lewis showed up at the December 7 city council meeting with a filter, covered in brown sediment, from his home on Difford Drive.

Tuesday, crews attached an automatic flusher to the fire hydrant in front of Lewis’ house. It’s timed to run at night and keep the water flowing.

He said it has made a difference.

“Actually, it’s gotten a lot clearer. I actually still have the original filter that I replaced a month or so ago. It’s just starting to turn a little bit yellow, which is normal. So we’ll let it go a little longer and see what happens with the new flusher in.”

The automatic flusher is just a temporary solution. This summer, the City of Niles plans to extend the water line on Difford Drive and connect it with the line one street over to allow for a continuous water flow.