Nugget of Knowledge: Monopoly makeover

There are now new Monopoly options, including a penguin!

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – For the first time in the brand’s 82-year history, toy-maker Hasbro is letting the public decide if the company should replace all of those Monopoly game pieces with something new.

The current line-up includes the battleship, top hat, thimble, wheelbarrow, cat, Scottie dog, car and shoe. It’s not much different than the original group that debuted in 1935.

The company launched a website to encourage the internet community to choose the eight figurines (or “tokens”) featured in its upcoming version of the game.

You can choose any eight tokens, including the classics and more than 50 new offerings, including a rubber duck and a penguin. How about a wireless phone, a computer, a kiss face that looks like an emoji and a sports car?

Voting ends Jan. 31.

Hasbro will announce the winning tokens on March 19, which is “World Monopoly Day.”

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