Police: Pair involved in deadly police chase repeat offenders

Nicole Mitchell

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – The woman who called 911 after a car crashed in her front yard Monday, killing its passenger, was still cleaning up the scene Wednesday.

Barbara Logan said she and her husband heard loud noises outside their home at the corner of Zedaker Street and Compton Lane around 1:30 a.m. Monday.

“Then I looked out and the car was already over to the side, flipped, and a person was hanging out,” she said.

Taylor Duvall, 23, who lived just a few blocks away on Pasadena Avenue, was killed. Police said she was a passenger in Nicole Mitchell’s Honda.

Logan said the car jumped the curb before hitting a brick wall.

“It took the brick over here, so that must have been when it flipped and went back out in the street.”

Police believe the pair just left the Boardman Walgreens at the corner of Market Street and 224, saying Mitchell’s car was caught on surveillance video backing into a parking space.

“Taylor Duvall exits the passenger side of the vehicle, goes inside of the store, selects a hand basket and then begins going through the store, selecting items off of the shelf,” said Boardman Police Det. Glenn Patton.

Patton said Duvall can then be seen walking past the register and out the door.

“She runs to the vehicle and the driver ends up opening the door for her. She gets in the car and the vehicle takes off.”

Minutes later, a Boardman officer spotted Mitchell’s car and followed it into Youngstown.

Police said despite the slippery conditions that night, Mitchell sped away and refused to stop.

The officer couldn’t keep up with Mitchell, who was about ten blocks ahead. Police ended the chase as she approached Indianola Avenue.

A few blocks later, the Honda crashed, killing Duvall and leaving Mitchell hurt.

Police said the women may have also been involved in another shoplifting incident at the same Walgreens last month.

Duvall had also been arrested for stealing from the Austintown Walgreens in July, admitting when she was arrested that she’d been using heroin.

Mitchell’s record includes an arrest in October when police said they found drug paraphernalia at her house.

She now faces a complicity charge from the theft, as well as fleeing and eluding police.

Mitchell was released from the hospital Wednesday evening and is now in jail. She is scheduled to appear in court Thursday at 5:30 p.m.

Youngstown Police will be talking with prosecutors Wednesday night about filing charges against her from the crash.