Up and down weather making your head spin?

From snow and ice to flooding, the Mahoning Valley has been riding the weather roller coaster

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YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Temperatures in the 40s and heavy rain are moving in, but just a few days ago, it was snowing with single digits.

We are riding the weather roller coaster this January.

The month started with temperatures in the 40s, rain and sun. Last week, we saw a deep freeze through the weekend as snow and ice caused problems on the roads.

“We’re still in the very, very early part of 2017, so it’s not that unusual to observe some very low temperatures like we have had this early in the year,” said Rob Chismar, with Fellows Riverside Gardens.

The snow and ice closed several schools and created a slippery drive to work Tuesday.

Heavy rain and wind gusts over 50 mph kept many awake Tuesday night. On Wednesday, it was in the 50s with peaks of sun.

Tonight, we can expect more rain, followed by warm and wet weather on Thursday. With another inch of rain possible, flooding is also a risk.

“I’m enjoying the warm weather, but I really don’t like the cold weather. To shovel all the snow and slush off the driveway, and to salt it,” Chismar said.

Fellows Riverside Gardens is happy they didn’t see much tree damage after the winds Tuesday night. But what does this up and down weather do to trees and other vegetation in the gardens?

“Typically not until we get further into February, March and April when you see those temperature swings that can affect vegetation a little bit more than this time of year,” Chismar said.

Brandon Good, who likes warmer weather, agrees that the forecast has been crazy.

“The snow has been pretty heavy whenever we do get it. It’s been pretty difficult to drive in. But when the weather is actually good, it’s pretty nice out. It’s nice to see everyone out and about, enjoying good weather.”

Don’t worry winter lovers – we’ll be back below freezing Friday after a 25-degree drop. More icing, wind and cold is possible this weekend.