Heavy rains trap drivers, wreak havoc on roads across Valley

A Warren woman had a particularly harrowing experience when her car got stuck in flood water

WARREN, Ohio (WYTV) – Torrential downpours throughout the day caused hazardous situations and road closures across the Valley.

One Warren woman had a particularly harrowing experience Thursday morning when her car got stuck in flood waters.

That water trapped Marisa Woolensack’s car.

Woolensack was on her way to school when she saw water rising on Pine Avenue SE in Warren. She thought she would be able to drive over it, but within seconds, she realized that she was wrong.

Her car began to sink into the water, and the engine stalled.

“I was in a panic because I noticed water was coming in, and I’m like, ‘What do I do? So I called 911, and I called my mother, and I was in a panic,” she said.

The Warren Fire Department was able to get to Woolensack quickly and helped her out of her car. Her car is still stuck in those flood waters — it can’t be towed until the water levels recede.

“My advice to everyone — turn around, don’t drown and heed the warnings,” she said. “That’s all I would say to everyone who does want to go through that water.”

High flood waters weren’t the only danger that drivers had to deal with.

Many of the roads throughout the Valley are in rough shape as well.

The shift from cold weather to unseasonably warm temperatures can damage the roadways, causing massive potholes.

Specialists at Flynn’s Tire and Auto Shop in Boardman said they typically see a lot of business in the winter months due to pothole-related damage.

Service Manager Kyle Tinal said if you go over a pothole too fast, or hit one that’s too deep, you can knock out your tire alignment and damage your tire and rims.

“What you see is a lot of people end up getting impact break bubbles in the side wall of their tires. You also see some damaged rims in the process, so we’re constantly getting people rims and new tires on the vehicle,” Tinal said.

Flynn’s says that if you’re driving and you see a pothole, try to avoid it as safely if possible. But if you are forced to drive over it, do so very slowly.

Flynn’s also recommends that at the end of the winter season, you should stop by your local auto shop and make sure your car’s tires are still in alignment and your engine hasn’t rusted from high water or cold temperatures.