Nugget of Knowledge: Products that are going, going…

Bar soap is going out of fashion

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Going… going… gone?

Consumer habits are changing. What products are starting to slowly disappear from store shelves?

A market research firm called IRI looked at trends going back to 2011 and here’s what it found:

  • Bar soap: More people lather up with liquid body wash today. Sales of body soap are down 7 percent since 2011. Soap makers don’t mind. You use much more body wash than bar soap because it flows through your fingers.
  • Margarine: More people are going for butter, the full-fat dairy products. Margarine sales are down 24 percent over the last five years.’
  • Processed cheese (each slice coming in its own wrapper): Sales are down 9 percent since 2011. This includes imitation cheese and aerosol spreads. We’re just going natural.
  • Frozen juice concentrate: Sales are off 37 percent since 2011. People are going for refrigerated juice in bottles or skipping it altogether.
  • Ground coffee: Sales are down 8 percent since 2011. We’re switching over to whole beans or those individual K cups.
  • Powder detergent: Sales are really down — a 47 percent drop since 2011. We’re using liquid detergent or those new laundry pods.

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