Sonar scans help divers target Lake Erie plane crash search

Photo Courtesy: City of Cleveland

CLEVELAND (AP) – Divers are using information from weekend sonar scans to target their Lake Erie search for remaining debris from a corporate jet that crashed last month in Ohio with six people on board.

Officials in Cleveland said the search in the water was resuming Tuesday.

The search has turned up about 270 pieces of debris so far, including parts of the fuselage and the wings, along with some human remains. Identities of those remains haven’t been confirmed.

Searchers also found the cockpit voice recorder and a box that records mechanical information but isn’t crash-proof. Investigators are reviewing those for clues about what happened.

Superior Beverage CEO John T. Fleming was piloting the plane. His wife, two teen sons, and their neighbor, Brian Casey, and his daughter, Megan, were also on the plane. They had attended the Cleveland Cavaliers game and were on their way back to their home in the Columbus area.

John Fleming and his wife, Suzanne, were Boardman High School graduates.

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