Nugget of Knowledge: Inauguration facts

Warren G. Harding was the first president to ride to his inauguration in a car

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Donald Trump will be sworn in as president on Friday, January 20. Here are some facts about historical inaugurations:

  • George Washington’s was the shortest inaugural address at 135 words. William H. Harrison’s was the longest inaugural address at 8,445 words (1841).
  • The first inaugural ball was held for James Madison (1809).
  • The first inauguration to be photographed was James Buchanan’s (1857).
  • William McKinley’s inauguration was the first ceremony to be recorded by a motion picture camera (1897).
  • Women were included for the first time in Woodrow Wilson’s second inaugural parade (1917).
  • Warren G. Harding was the first president to ride to and from his inaugural in an automobile (1921).
  • Calvin Coolidge’s inaugural address in 1925 was the first broadcast on the radio. Harry Truman’s was the first on TV (1949). The first ceremony broadcast on the Internet was Bill Clinton’s second inauguration (1997).
  • Lyndon Johnson was the first (and so far) only president to be sworn in by a woman, U.S. District Judge Sarah T. Hughes, on board Air Force One (1963).
  • The oath is taken with a hand upon a Bible, opened to a passage of the president-elect’s choice. Each president has chosen a different passage.
  • Only four retiring presidents have not attended the inaugurations of their successors: John Adams missed Thomas Jefferson’s inaugural, John Quincy Adams was not there for Andrew Jackson’s, Andrew Johnson was not at Ulysses Grant’s ceremony, and Richard Nixon was not present at Gerald Ford’s inaugural.

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