Photos: Valley residents in D.C. for Inauguration Day

Lordstown students near the South Lawn of the White House.

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WYTV) – Residents from across the Mahoning Valley are in Washington D.C. for the Presidential Inauguration on Friday, Jan. 20.

Thursday, Rep. Bill Johnson talked with students from local schools on the steps of the Capitol. He said they will be part of history.

“Every generation gets to put their stamp, write their chapter, on the great American journey because we are still on a journey. The rest of the world is standing by, waiting to see whether this idea of government of, for, and by the people, where the power is placed in the hands of the people, whether that is going to work.”

Paige Herbert, of Columbiana, thought Johnson’s words were inspiring.

“My favorite part that he said was that the universe is infinite, our minds are infinite, and everything that we can imagine is possible.”

Johnson also said the U.S. has always had problems, but has learned from them.

East Liverpool’s Audrey Edgell was glad to hear Johnson speak about the country’s history.

“I think it’s nice to know the things about your country, and know about your history and everything, where you came from,” she said.

One of the students asked Johnson if he’s optimistic about the country’s future. His answer? “Absolutely.”

He said Trump understands regulations, taxes, and businesses creating jobs.

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