One-of-a-kind 3D printer will bring jobs, education to NE Ohio

LEETONIA, Ohio (WYTV) – Ohio’s first and only 3D sand printer is being housed at Humtown Products’ manufacturing facility in Leetonia.

The industrial sand casting 3D printer weighing over 16 tons was unveiled Tuesday.

It will be used to make molds needed for metal casting.

“Metal casting has been around for thousands of years. It’s basically where you have a cavity that is made out of sand, and you pour molten metal into it,” said Brett Conner, Director of Advanced Manufacturing at Youngstown State.

The 3D printer will change the way metal casting has been done for years. It will print the sand cores and molds metal is poured into, allowing manufacturers to skip a step in the process.

“This technology will allow us to have a higher performance, better fuel efficiency and we’ll be able to produce these castings in a relatively shorter lead time,” said Humtown Products Sales Manager Brandon Lamoncha.

He said the machine will bring jobs to northeast Ohio. They’ll need engineers and technicians to operate it.

“By having this new technology, it will help create new jobs in engineering and more jobs that are a little more technical.”

This facility and machine will also serve as a classroom for YSU engineering students, along with students from other universities and community colleges in the region.

“We want to be able to leverage this technology, and train students and to educate them on how this changes the way we do metal casting,” Conner said.

Students have already been able to get their hands on it.

“I have been doing research and designing parts to be cast using this sand casting process,” said YSU senior Ethan Altomare.

America Makes, Humtown Products and grants received by YSU helped purchase the $1 million 3D printer.