Busing app in Austintown helps parents track students

The My Stop app lets parents know when the bus is coming

AUSTINTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – For the second year in a row, the Austintown school district has been using an app to keep parents up to date on the location of their child’s bus. It’s in an effort to keep the busing experience a safe and positive one for everyone involved.

My Stop uses GPS navigation to let parents know where the bus is in the morning and afternoon.

At the start of each school year, parents register their child on the app. From there, parents can track their child’s bus ride.

Transportation Director John Lenkey says it is a simple concept that has a huge benefit.

“They can check on the phone, on their app, and see how far away the bus is. It saves them standing out in the rain or bad weather, and they know exactly when it is going to come,” Lenkey said. “It saves parents from worrying when the bus is going to get there.”

Lenkey says the reaction has been positive from parents, bus drivers and students. Just about every parent is using the app.