East Liverpool official hopeful collapsed wall will be fixed

EAST LIVERPOOL, Ohio (WYTV) – Friday afternoon, Devin Cramer walked toward the big hole left alongside Garfield Street in East Liverpool.

Peering over the 20-foot drop into his neighbors backyard, he couldn’t help wonder if it was safe.

“Just look at the size of that hole,” Cramer said. “I’m surprised you guys have been up here.”

WYTV was up there — and also down below — looking at how a section of a retaining wall had broken off. It spilled chunks of concrete and a mound of dirt into the backyard of a house.

The collapse left an arch about 30-feet wide in the road. But WYTV was told there’s no threat of any more of it giving way.

“Not according to the engineers,” said Brian Allen, East Liverpool service safety director. “They think it’s done moving. They think it’s just the wall that collapsed.”

Allen has talked with officials of Ohio’s Department of Transportation and Public Works about getting the wall and road fixed.

He mentioned that it may cost a couple million dollars — money East Liverpool does not have.

Still, Allen is hopeful it’ll be fixed by year’s end.

“Over half of our town is built on a hillside, so these things are going to happen,” Allen said. “And a lot of it was built 100, 150 years ago.”

One lane of Garfield Street is open.

It’s a dead end — and should the hole widen — two families would be cut off. Should that happen, there are plans to help them out.