Mercer County district attorney under investigation

MERCER, Pa. (WYTV) – A Sharon-area lawyer who used to work for the Mercer County District Attorney’s Office says the man now holding that office needs to resign.

A court transcript released Friday indicates Mercer County Judge Thomas Dobson told lawyers this week that Mercer County District Attorney Miles Karson is being investigated by the Pennsylvania Attorney General and Pennsylvania State Police for obstruction of justice.

Attorney Ryan Mergl worked for Karson’s predecessor Bob Kochems. He lost his job after Kochems lost the election in 2015. Mergl was one of a number of attorneys called to Judge Thomas Dobson’s chambers Tuesday morning about the investigation.

“At that meeting, the judge announced that the district attorney is under two investigations presently,” Mergl said.

Mergl even went so far as to put a sponsored post about that investigation on Facebook.

Mergl said during a Facetime interview that Karson is being investigated for obstruction of justice, a violation of the drug act and an incident involving a woman in the city of Sharon.

The Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office and Pennsylvania State Police would not confirm anything, but Judge Thompson said the meeting in her chambers did take place and turned over the transcript.

Butler-area lawyer Al Lindsay is representing Karson and says he is researching the case.

“What we are concerned about is this is an investigation, which is obviously politically charged, which makes us look at it more carefully,” Lindsay said. “This is the type of thing which can damage people’s reputations and clog up the legal system.”

Mergl claims there’s already a cloud over district attorney’s office now and Karson should resign.