Nugget of Knowledge: Secrets of a Centenarian

The president sends a birthday letter to every American turning 100

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) –  A centenarian is a person reaching 100 years old. A super-centenarian is a person who has lived to the age of 110 or more.

Daybreak staffers looked into some of the “secrets” of these special people.

Gertrude Baines of Los Angeles, 115 years old, eats plenty of bacon, fried chicken and ice cream, but doesn’t drink, smoke or “fool” around.

Pauline Spagnola of Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, 100 years old, drinks a lot of booze.

Dorothy Howe of England, 100 years old, drinks whiskey and has been smoking cigarettes since she was 16 years old.

Frank Howe of Marion, Illinois, 100 years old, says hard work, booze and women have helped keep him alive.

Elizabeth Sullivan of Fort Worth, Texas, 105 years old, drinks three cans of Dr. Pepper a day. “Every doctor tells me it’ll kill me, but they die and I don’t.”

Daisey Bailey of Detroit, 113 years old, nips at bourbon whenever possible.

Besse Cooper of Monroe, Georgia, 116 years old, says to mind your own business.

Bernice Madigan of Cheshire, Massachusetts, 115 years old, has no children, but has a spoonful of honey, Eggo waffles smothered in banana slices for breakfast and four glazed doughnut holes every single day.

Leila Denmark of Athens, Georgia, 114 years old, retired as a pediatrician at the age of 103 (she was treating the great grandchildren of her first patients.) She says no milk, fruit juice, junk food or sweets and hasn’t eaten sugar in 70 years. Her favorite drink is water.

Peter Reilly of Scotland, 100 years old, was an altar boy at mass every day for 91 years. His secret — say your prayers.

Thomas Spittle of England, 100 years old, bets on horses, drinks a pint of whiskey each day, smokes a pipe and eats eggs, bacon and fried tomatoes each morning.

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