Local 8-year-old makes Jr. Cleveland Cavaliers cheer team

Aubrie Oles is one of 16 girls to make the team out of 275 who auditioned

AUSTINTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – An Austintown Elementary student was chosen from 275 girls to make the Cleveland Cavaliers’ junior cheerleading squad.

Only eight years old, Aubrie Oles is one of 16 girls to make the team.

She has been cheering since she was three years old.

“Ever since then, I just loved it and wanted to keep on doing it,” Oles said.

She cheers for the Dream Team Allstars, taking private lessons and practicing with the team twice a week.

But, Oles wanted a new challenge, and since she’s a huge Cavaliers fan, when she went to a game with her dad and saw the cheerleaders, she knew becoming one was her next goal.

“I always work hard at Dream Team and I feel like if I worked hard at the Cavs it would help me,” Oles said.

So, she went to Cleveland, learned a routine in two hours and auditioned.

“I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, am I going to make it or not?'” Oles said.

Her nerves started to kick in as she tried out for the spot of a lifetime, but Oles said she knows how to kick those stomach butterflies away.

“I always think of a good time where I did something good and that’s how I calm myself down,” she said.

She auditioned on a Sunday and received an email with the results the following day.

“I thought I nailed it because there was a bunch of little girls who didn’t know what they were doing, and I was like, ‘Well, I kinda stood out.” … I knew I had confidence in myself to make it,” she said.

Oles now practices every Sunday in Cleveland with the Cavaliers Cheerleaders as her coaches.

“They actually go to probably like I don’t know, every game, and we get to go to some games and it just feels cool because it feels like they’re famous,” Oles said.

Oles will cheer at two Canton Charge games, then in March she will cheer at two Cleveland Cavaliers games. If the Cavaliers make the playoffs, she’ll get to cheer at those games, too.

You can follow her by using “#dreamteamaubs”.