Father not buying son’s shooting was accident in Masury

MASURY, Ohio (WYTV) – A Masury man accused of shooting a teenager pleaded not guilty in court Thursday.

Police say 25-year-old Samual Sanford shot 14-year-old Michael Davis Jr. in the stomach last weekend.

A grand jury will decide if he stands trial for felonious assault and receiving stolen property.

After  Sanford’s arraignment, Michael’s parents Michael and Teri Davis talked exclusively with 33 WYTV News.

Michael Davis said he doesn’t believe reports that the shooting was an accident.

“You don’t point a gun and someone and ask, ‘Do you trust me?’ That’s not an accident by any means. And then pulling the trigger? I just want to see him get what he deserves,” Davis said.

Sanford told police that the shooting was accidental. He admitted to pointing the gun and pulling the trigger, but he believed it was unloaded.

The teen is expected to recover from the shooting but will have to have surgery.

“He’s in good spirits. He has to have a procedure done here in a little bit to make sure he doesn’t have an infection then he will be going to have his bowels repaired,” Teri Davis said.

The Davis’ hope Michael can come home soon and not have permanent damage to his digestive tract.

“What other 14 year old do you know would take a shot to the gut and get a hole in the hip and four days later he’s up trying to walk around?” Michael Davis said.

While the couple is hoping Michael can come home soon, they are also worried about the emotional impact. Teri Davis said her son is startled now by loud noises and is having bad dreams. “He gets scared because the gun was loud,” she said.

The gun involved in the shooting was reported stolen more than 20 years ago.

The judge gave Sanford a $150,000 bond and told him that he’s not allowed to have any contact with the victim.