Nugget of Knowledge: Perfect snack food

When food dissolves in the mouth, your brain signals to eat more

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – That red powder in Doritos is high in salt and sugar but also packed with the two tastes that we crave.

They’re loaded with flavor-boosters such as MSG, garlic, Romano cheese, cheddar cheese and more.

The powder also contains acids (buttermilk solids, lactic acid, and citric acid) that trigger the release of saliva. That makes everything taste better.

Your brain is excited by the sensation of biting into a hard substance that quickly dissolves. When food seems to disappear in your mouth, your brain is tricked into wanting more.

Your brain also likes it when around half of the calories in your food come from fat. Doritos nails it with 140 calories per serving and 70 from fat.

Cheese is delicious. When we digest it, it releases casomorphin, a compound that slows digestion, stimulates fat intake, and may even have a narcotic effect.

The stuff on your fingers is five to six times more concentrated than the stuff on the chip. Your brain gets a pleasure explosion when you lick it off.

Rumor has it that, back in the 90s, Frito-Lay reduced the amount of garlic power in the chip because people were complaining about Doritos breath. Doritos breath is still a problem.

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