Reynolds Wrestling wins dual state title

REYNOLDS, Pennsylvania (WYTV) – Perfection is something that is easily thought of—but not easily achieved. But that’s exactly what the Reynolds wrestling team accomplished last week—a perfect 23 and 0 dual season—capped off with a state championship that was brought back to a hungry Reynolds community Saturday night.

“I mean if someone has a fire, they are not getting any help tonight because it seemed like the whole town was just in that little area,” Senior Cole Matthews joked.

“It meant a lot to come home to, neighbors and family members, and to see their reactions to a state title,” added fellow Senior Gage Bayless.

It’s something that the Raiders haven’t done since 2009. But this year’s team made the wait worthwhile, scoring a record 54 points in their finals matchup.  That’s the most in state history.

The team’s success comes as no surprise.

“They have been talked about since they were in 5th and 6th grade, like “wait till they get there,” Head Coach Casey Taylor said.

“I  can’t tell you who won in 2010 or 2011, just that it wasn’t Reynolds. Hopefully, this team being a record setter, 2017 of Reynolds Wrestling will be known across the state,” Bayless added.

The Duel State Championship trophy may not be the only one added to the display case. Individuals start this weekend, and the hope is, more hardware coming home to Reynolds.

Head Coach Casey Taylor has already turned the page, looking ahead to future success.

“We enjoyed the bus ride home, the celebration the community brought to us with the firetrucks and everything. And now it is time to turn the page and finish out the books so to speak of this season,” he added.

He’s not the only one looking for another trophy.

“We almost forget about the State Title and pretend it doesn’t exist and that we haven’t done anything yet,” Gage Bayless said.

“There is nothing stopping us, I will tell you that, there is nothing stopping us from not winning,” predicted Cole Matthews.