Youngstown School District employees receive pay after initial glitch

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Youngstown City School teachers have now received pay after a system glitch left some of them without pay early Friday morning.

Youngstown School District was able to fix the problem around 11 a.m.

School district spokesperson Denise Dick said it was a “routing glitch,” as some employees did not get their scheduled direct deposit into their bank accounts.

WYTV spoke to CEO Krish Mohip about the issue.

He said the payroll system has long been a problem. It’s one of the reasons he brought in Chief Financial Officer Greg Slemons — to give more support to financial services.

“I appreciate the dedication of our teachers and all of our employees,” Mohip said. “They should be paid for the work that they do and it’s unfortunate that this happened. But fortunately we were also able to learn from it and put the processes in place so it doesn’t happen again.”

Mohip said the entire system will be fixed and updated as soon as Tuesday.