Antone’s Banquet Centre owner: ‘We are open forever, we hope’

Ross Scianna. owner of the banquet center in Boardman, said he has "no idea" where rumors that the business is closing are coming from

Rumors began circulating on social media this weekend that Antone's banquet center in Boardman was closing.

BOARDMAN, Ohio (WKBN) – Rumors began circulating on social media this weekend that Antone’s Banquet Centre in Boardman was closing, but the owner says they’re not true.

When asked what the status of his business was, Antone’s owner Ross Scianna said, “We are open…We are open forever, we hope.”

Scianna also said two events are taking place at the banquet center this weekend.

Several people posted to Antone’s Facebook page asking about events they said were suddenly canceled. Some shared stories about having to find another venue at the last minute.

This led many to question if their events and weddings would be in jeopardy.

Scianna said he has “no idea” where the news is coming from.

“The rumor is we’re closing tomorrow. That’s not true.”

Last week, the Montessori School held a banquet at Antone’s and it was packed. The Rescue Mission had a large crowd at the venue for its annual banquet as well.

Scianna said he doesn’t know how business is yet because it’s only the beginning of the year.

“People book six months out, eight months out, but we have a lot of parties.”

He said he’s working on a statement about the situation to post to the Antone’s Banquet Centre Facebook page.