Council discusses new chicken regulations in Columbiana

COLUMBIANA, Ohio (WYTV) – Over the past few months, chickens have become a controversial topic in Columbiana.

City residents want to keep them as pets, but some council members want to enforce a law prohibiting that. The law banning keeping chickens as pets within city limits was passed in 1974.

City council debated the issue again on Tuesday and once again, members took no action.

Council talked about new regulations for having chickens, including how many a homeowner could have, where the food would be kept, and if a fence is needed.

Chicken owners want a fair resolution.

“Where the food’s kept, how many chickens, or how many feet your coop has to be. If you are going to be a responsible chicken owner, just like a responsible dog owner, you know the things that you should and shouldn’t do with chickens,” Mallory Cooper said.

Council may also decide not to take any action on the chickens and let the people decide at the ballot this November.