Former Antone’s employee: Owner started rumors of closure

Rumors began circulating on social media this weekend that Antone's banquet center in Boardman was closing.

BOARDMAN, Ohio (WYTV) – As the marquee in front of Antone’s Banquet Center in Boardman flashes a message saying the business is still open, a now former employee is telling a different story.

Owner Ross Scianna told WYTV 33 News on Monday that his business was not closing, despite rumors circulating on social media.

Tracy Scarabino, the former scheduler at Antone’s Banquet Centre, said she was told otherwise. She said Scianna called her into a meeting on Friday and told her the hall was closing.

“And for me to call the clients and let them know that the parties that I had booked for the following weekend, to let them know that Antone’s was closing.”

Joacheim Rohan said Scarabino called him to cancel.

“January 18, I gave a deposit. February 17, they called me and told me my event was canceled — my event scheduled February 26.”

Scarabino worked for Antone’s the last four years but said she quit the very next day after getting an email about the closing from Scianna.

“Saying, you know, here’s a letter that I want you to pass out to the clients. He wanted me to put it on our Facebook page, Antone’s website, and send it out to all the clients.”

Scianna’s telling a far different story. When asked Monday about where the rumors were coming from, he said, “I have no idea but it’s not true, we’re not closing.”

Scarabino said she has proof that Scianna told her to call people and tell them their event is canceled.

“What I’m upset about is that he’s saying that he does not know where the rumors started from. That the nasty rumor started on social media. He is the one who started the, I mean, the nasty rumors. He told me to call people.”

She’s now hired a lawyer because she’s been accused on social media of simply being a disgruntled former employee.

“If I was a disgruntled employee, I would have left that day and I didn’t. I mean, we had a function there Friday night.”

Scarabino said she was there for the event on Friday.

WYTV learned Tuesday afternoon that Cardinal Mooney High School’s sweethearts’ dance at Antone’s is still scheduled for this Saturday, but others have already made other plans.

“We trusted that we could have a nice event there and it was disappointing to have to scramble to schedule another venue on short notice,” Rohan said.

WYTV reached out to Scianna again on Tuesday, but he never called back.