Police: Man who prompted Goshen Township standoff dead

Police found the man inside of the South Duck Creek Road home after a standoff that lasted hours

GOSHEN TWP., Ohio (WYTV) – A man that prompted a standoff lasting three hours in Goshen Township is dead, according to police.

A SWAT Team went into a house on South Duck Creek Road around 2 p.m. after ordering a man to come out for hours and not receiving a response.

Police said it appears the man, identified as 58-year-old Michael Griffin, committed suicide.

Investigators said the incident started just after 11 a.m. Mahoning County Sheriff’s deputies went to the house to deliver a restraining order to Griffin.

The deputy asked Griffin if he had any guns in the home and the man quickly ran back inside.

“Within a second or two, we put together that we heard a gunshot,” Sheriff Jerry Greene said.

The deputy backed away from the house and called for back-up.

“In law enforcement, you always have to be very vigilant like that, especially when it comes to domestic issues because we all know how dangerous those can be and how they can escalate,” Greene said.

Several police units from nearby towns, along with a SWAT team and more units from the sheriff’s department, showed up and set up a perimeter around the house.

They tried to communicate with Griffin through a loud speaker, but couldn’t get him to respond. Police waited until Ohio State Highway Patrol showed up with their robot.

“They used the robot to be able to break through the glass of the front door with the camera and we were able to determine the person was unresponsive laying on the floor just inside the house,” Greene said.

The SWAT team followed in and determined the man was dead.

“When something like that happens that quickly and you hear a gunshot, you can’t tell if the gunshot was intended for the deputy or a possible suicide, but it looks that way,” Greene said.

Mahoning County Sheriff's deputies went to a house on South Duck Creek Road to serve a warrant. Shots were fired, according to investigators.