Costs may go up for Ohio license plates, driver’s licenses

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP/WYTV) – Ohio drivers may be paying more to get their license plate or driver’s license under proposed changes to the state transportation budget.

One change proposed Tuesday by the Ohio House of Representatives Finance Committee would allow county commissioners to levy a new $5 fee for Ohio license plates. Money collected through the increase would be used to pay for transportation projects.

If approved, the proposal would increase the total base cost of a passenger car plate to $39.50, while the cost of a motorcycle plate would increase to $33.50.

The added fee could mean another $1.2 million for Mahoning County’s engineer, who said it would help pay for another dozen miles of road paving.

“It’s coming back down to the locals, and you know, nobody wants to pay more taxes, but at the same time, we’re not getting enough money to maintain our system,” said County Engineer Pat Ginnetti.

He said that would account for just a fraction of the $65- to $70 million to bring all 500 miles of the county’s roads up to par, however.

Service fees paid to deputy registrars who run the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles offices also would increase under the proposed changes to Gov. John Kasich’s two-year, $7.8 billion transportation budget. The service fees would rise from $3.50 to $5.25.

Lawmakers say the transportation bill could come up for a vote next week and then be sent on to the state Senate.

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