Hometown Hero keeps dogs cozy when it’s chilly

Never Muzzled, based out of Newton Falls, exchanges flimsy dog houses for sturdy, warm ones -- for free

Never Muzzled provides free dog houses to dogs living outside.

NEWTON FALLS, Ohio (WYTV) – When it comes to being protecting dogs from the elements, Linda Liguori said there’s a problem.

She is the co-founder of Never Muzzled — an organization that helps provide free shelter to dogs living outside.

“A lot of the dogs in this area are living in these plastic, two-piece houses and they just don’t offer the protection that they really need,” Linda said.

She said the flimsy dog houses don’t always hold together and their large opening allows the dog’s heat to escape, providing little warmth.

Her organization exchanges those houses for better ones — for free.

“The size of the dog can heat the space. A lot of people tend to use sheds or bigger dog houses for a dog. Well, a dog’s body heat has to be able to heat the space so if you put your dog in a shed, it can’t heat a shed,” Linda said.

The houses are built by inmates at the Trumbull Correctional Institution in Leavittsburg. All supplies are purchased through money raised from fundraisers and donations.

People can contact Never Muzzled through Facebook to request one for their dog or another dog in need.

Linda’s organization passes out flyers to homes with dogs and sometimes there’s a response back.

“People will message us on Facebook and say, ‘I drive by this house every day. Could you possibly send them a flyer?'” she said. “We don’t have any authority to go on anyone’s property, so we hope they respond back to us from a flyer.”

In an ideal world, Linda would like to see all dogs living indoors with their owners. Since that’s unlikely to happen anytime soon, she is doing what she can to make sure pets who don’t live inside stay warm.

“The ordinances do say that you need to provide shelter, and you need to provide straw, and you need to provide food and water,” Linda said. “They’re supposed to have a dog license and rabies shot, and I don’t know that a majority of dogs out there have that.”

Never Muzzled is holding a quarter auction fundraiser next Thursday to help raise money for its efforts. For more information on how to get involved, check out its event page on Facebook.