Potholes plague Beloit residents in ‘forgotten part of county’

BELOIT, Ohio (WYTV) – Pothole problems plague just about everyone. But for drivers who travel on Fifth Street in Beloit, the problem has been severe and going on for a long time.

Ronald Quinn lives on Fifth Street. He says there is no easy way to get to his house in any direction where he won’t encounter a pothole.

Quinn reached out to 33 WYTV News and asked us to check out the potholes in Beloit. With ruler in hand, 33 News reporter Nadine Grimley found a lot of them, some 2 inches deep and a half feet long – all wreaking havoc on vehicles.

“I’m getting quite the collection of used parts,” Quinn said.

George Bruderly lives in Beloit, too. He says it feels like the town is the forgotten corner of the county.

“It’s to the point of being ridiculous,” Bruderly said.

Mahoning County Engineer Pat Ginnetti said it is tough to fix some of the roads because in rural, less populated places it is hard to get funding, but crews were out Wednesday working to fill some of the holes.

“I told the guy when I came by it’s about time this section of highway’s been like this for years. It should have been paved a long time ago,” Bruderly said.

And even though filling the holes is only a temporary fix, Quinn is happy something’s getting done.

“They don’t realize they may be saving somebody’s life out here fixing these holes in this road,” Quinn said.