Nugget of Knowledge: Missing Oscars

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YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – From writer and researcher Stacy Conradt: Oscar winners who have somehow lost their statues, misplaced them or had them stolen.

Angelina Jolie: Beauty, yes, brains, well….

She gave her best-supporting-actress statue, won for “Girl, Interrupted,” to her mom. The Oscar was boxed up with the rest of her mother’s possessions when she died and has since vanished.

Angelina said she didn’t actually lose it, she just doesn’t now where it is.

A burglar stole Olympia Dukakis’ statue from her home. It was the only thing taken. The motion picture academy charged her 78 dollars to replace it.

The Motion Picture Academy charged her $78 to replace it.

Marlon Brando lost not one but two Oscars — one for “On The Waterfront” (he just lost track of it) and the one for “The Godfather.” He was never on stage to accept that one and he thought the Academy sent him one anyway, but he was never sure.

Matt Damon’s Oscar for co-writing the movie “Good Will Hunting” disappeared. His New York apartment had flooded when he was out of town and that was the last he saw of it.

In 1945, seven-year-old Margaret O’Brien won a Juvenile Academy Award and the maid stole it. In 1995, it turned up at a flea market. Margaret, who is 80 years old, has it today.

And Bing Crosby’s Oscar for “Going My Way” in 1944 went on display at his alma mater, Gonzaga University. Someone swiped the statue and replaced it with a three-inch tall Mickey Mouse figurine. A week later, the statue turned up in the university’s chapel. The prankster remains unknown.

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