Warren PD: Teen twins forced victim to strip naked, stole his truck

WARREN, Ohio (WYTV) – Police said teenage twins from Warren stole a car from a man and forced him to run away naked Thursday night.

The victim told officers the 17-year-old boys approached him and another man at a party and ordered them outside at gunpoint.

The twins, two victims, 23-year-old Alexandria Nicolino, and two others got into the victim’s Chevy truck and drove out to a school on Palmyra Road in Leavittsburg, according to a police report.

There, they ordered the victims out of the truck and stole their phones, keys, and wallets, police said.

Officers said one of the twins, still holding the victim at gunpoint, told him to strip his clothes off and run. That’s when police said the five suspects got into the truck and drove off.

The victim told police they also stole a Honda Civic from his driveway.

Police found the truck driving along W. Market Street with Nicolino and two men inside.

They chased the truck to Front Street, where the driver slammed on the brakes and took off running. Officers were unable to find him.

The other man also ran, but police found him and determined he had nothing to do with the theft.

Nicolino, of Warren, was arrested and charged with complicity.

The two twins were not in the truck at the time, but the victim tipped police off to where they might be. Police found one of them and contacted the boys’ mother, who brought the other twin to the police department.

One of the boys told police the victim wanted to pay him to perform a sex act on him, according to the police report. Officers said he admitted they wanted the victim to bring money so they could rob him. He also said the victim’s story was true, according to the report.

The other twin said the stolen Honda was hidden on Front Street west of Parkman Road behind an abandoned house, according to police. Officers were able to find it.

Both boys were taken to the Juvenile Justice Center.