Black Diamond event recognizes men who have made their mark

Several men were recognized for bringing positive change to their community

BOARDMAN, Ohio (WYTV) – More than 500 people gathered at Antone’s Banquet Center in Boardman Saturday for the Black Diamond Celebration.

The event pays tribute to 55 black men that are bringing positive change to their community.

It is the second year the Youngstown Chapter of the Links Organization hosted the event.

Accomplishments were noted in work, school, church and the community. Youngstown Links President Margie Staples said the celebration is an opportunity for the black men to know they are valued.

“We are always doing things to recognize black women, but we tend to forget our black men. They seem to be left behind,” Staples said.

Bishop Emmitt Nevels was awarded the Black Diamond Legacy Award for his history of serving the community. He said the recognition is an honor.

“It makes me feel like my life was influential over people. That thing that God blessed me to do and accomplish,” Bishop Nevels said.

Bishop Nevels says it is important for young black men to be surrounded by other successful men in the community to let them know there is hope.

“Things can be done with the doctors and all of the attorneys and different things of that nature,” Bishop Nevels said.

Black Diamond Chairperson Ruthie King said having all the men come together in the community and then to recognize them independently and as a group sends a positive message of empowerment.