Nugget of Knowledge: Secret to McDonald’s Coca-Cola

A wider straw and chilled syrup are parts of the secret that makes McDonald's Coca-Cola taste better

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Coca-Cola lovers will tell you that the Coke they order at McDonald’s is the best tasting.

How come?

The answer comes from Stella Kleynerman at Northwestern University.

Coca-Cola comes in bags to most fast food restaurants, but McDonald’s insisted the syrup comes in stainless steel containers, supposedly that helps preserve it and keep it fresh.

Check the McDonald’s website. It will tell you it uses water filtration, more than most of its competitors.

Fresh water means fresh Coke.

An insulated tube runs from the refrigerator all the way to the soda fountain near the drive-thru window. The water that runs through this tube is kept at just above freezing — the cold temperature keeps the carbonation just right and lasting longer than in other restaurants.

Always order your McDonald’s coke with ice because it’s important to maintain the right ratio of syrup to water.

McDonald’s pre-chills its syrups before they enter the fountain dispensers. That helps.

And, the McDonald’s straw is wider than those at other restaurants. It wants as much Coke taste to hit your taste buds as possible.

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