Schiavoni to run for governor in 2018; Ryan out, Williams undecided

Joe Schiavoni

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Joe Schiavoni made a noteworthy announcement Tuesday evening — just hours after Congressman Tim Ryan did the same.

Before the Youngstown-area state Senator addressed the Youngstown school board, WKBN asked Schiavoni the question that’s been hanging over him: Is he running for governor in 2018?

“Yeah, tomorrow I’m going to put out a release,” he said. “I don’t think it’s going to be shocking to anybody. I’ve been traveling the state for the past three months every week.”

Schiavoni’s decision, however, was finalized right after Congressman Ryan’s announcement around noon Tuesday that he would not be running for Ohio governor.

Congressmen Tim Ryan and Bill Johnson stopped in Howland on Tuesday to talk about efforts to improve the transportation and energy sector in the Valley.
Tim Ryan

“I did not want to have a primary with the sitting congressman in this area,” Ryan said.

Ryan, though, was not ready to support Joe Schiavoni. He said he’s going to wait and see how the field plays out.

“I don’t really like to get into battles with my friends,” Ryan said. “Every now and again you have to, but I’m going to lay pretty low during the primary, I think.”

There was one point it looked like three men with Youngstown ties would vie to be Ohio’s governor.

But now we know Schiavoni is in and Ryan is out — which just leaves former Youngstown mayor Jay Williams.

Williams sent WYTV this text message on Tuesday: “Neither of those developments have any bearing on my decision. I am evaluating a number of compelling opportunities and will likely make a decision in March or April at the latest.”

Nonetheless, Schiavoni is moving now.

“Now the next step will be we’re going to have events in different cities,” he said. “We’re going to organize people to move forward with our campaign so we can have people in every community working every single day.”