Woman shot in face has no hate for 14-year-old shooter

Ellen Zban, shot on Feb. 6, told WYTV she isn't angry at her shooter because she's been "too fortunate"

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – After almost a month, Youngstown Police arrested a suspect Saturday for the Feb. 6 shooting of a 57-year-old woman who was shot in the face.

Believe it or not, the victim, Ellen Zban, has no hate for the person police say did it.

With a warrant out for his arrest, a 14-year-old — accompanied by his mother — walked into the Youngstown Police Department around 3:15 p.m. to be arrested. He was then charged with attempted murder and transported to the JJC.

WYTV spoke with Zban later in the evening over the phone to get her reaction.

“I don’t like what he did, but I’ve been too fortunate,” Zban said. “There’s just been too much that was positive that I can’t hate him for that.”

On Feb. 6, Zban was shot once in the face and twice in the arm as she sat in her car after she just pulled into her Powersdale Avenue driveway in Youngstown.

Still, she survived and recovery is going well — she had her jaw wired shut, face bandaged and eye bruised, but doctors were shocked it wasn’t much worse.

Recently, Zban found out she won’t have to have as many surgeries as she thought to fix her eye and face.

It shocked her on Saturday to hear the suspect is a 14-year-old.

“That really affected me because you think about 14-year-old’s that you know and that’s just so young,” she said. “Just so much life ahead of you.”

She said she gives credit to the mother for bringing her son in.

“I mean, at some point you just have to feel for the family,” Zban said. “I mean, how do you feel as a parent? So I do feel for the mother for having to do that.”

All things considered, Zban said she’s lucky to have survived — and he’s lucky that she was defenseless.

“Get him off the streets and hopefully this will be a wake up call,” Zban said. “I don’t know. But at least no one else will be hurt, so maybe it’ll be a good ending for everybody.”

On Feb. 19, the Mahoning Valley Vegan Society organized a sonic yoga class and potluck at The Soap Gallery in Zban’s honor. All funds went to her recovery process.